A thought experiment

A friend of ours, Florence Chan, visited little Isaac today and gave him a gift - a globe that plays soothing white noise/classical music and glows at night. Problem was (there's always a complication) that Gloria couldn't open the battery compartment and put batteries in. So I thought for a second given my experience being an entrepreneur how this could be an analogy of my work life. The following are thoughts and quotes that people around me would typically (and hypothetically) say around me in this situation:

Gloria - can you open the battery compartment?

Design thinkers - why do we have to open it and turn it on? Let's brainstorm with everybody and interview the baby.

My boss - If and when is this going to be a profitable endeavor?

HR - (innocently) can we overpay for underqualified people to help you open it five months down the line?  There's so much competition for talent!

My not-so-friendly peers - he can't do it. he's too young. Who does he think he is? he's going in the wrong direction (whatever “direction” means!

My CFO - when is this thing going to go public with a P/E of 50?

My shareholders - show me steady progress as you turn the screwdriver. And don't just use this solution once. Copy it across the entire nation!

My marketer - we need 500 million to buy google ad words to advertise our solution.

John Piper - are you opening it because you believe in yourself or because by opening it you glorify the God who redeemed your life through Christ Jesus whom you will serve as a living sacrifice?

Professor Ya-Ru Chen - It's easier to open it if you believe you can open it. The efficacy of the self-efficacy theory.

Deal-making friend - I want a term sheet that outlines my rights to this globe after it's turned on and proven useful. 

Caleb - you're 30 days behind these paperwork and you're spending time writing this blog! 

Entrepreneur in me - problem with severe constraints again (where's the screwdriver?) 

Leader in me - Novianna, where's the screwdriver? Mom, where are the batteries? (found both and solved the problem). Yay, teamwork!

Isaac - (tummy time and forgotten).