Our Services

We offer consulting services in the following areas:

Strategy - We help you craft and execute a strategy that enables your startup to scale up, achieve profitability, and gain market share. We're here to help you make the right strategic choices. 

Human-Centered Design - We provide design thinking projects and workshops to help you design products and services based on latent user needs. Design thinking stresses deep empathy with target users and rapid experimentations. 

Market Research - We help you understand the key growth drivers on your industry and find viable addressable markets for your product. 

Operational Improvement - Often startups have inefficient structures and processes that take away time and resources from the team. We help you find bottlenecks and set up processes that save you time and enable you to focus on execution.

Market Entry - With our global network of executives and experts, we help you explore, analyze, and execute options in entering foreign markets. 


For more information, please e-mail inquiry@chifangroup.com