We Invest in Innovative Businesses

Looking for funding? We want to become your trusted partner from Slide One to Series A. We seek innovative products, services, and assets that target unique problems.

Our Investment Focus

  • Founders with small business/startup experience, proven track record, focus on execution, passion, and integrity
  • Ready-to-use, low capital intensity, and scalable technologies 
  • Startups with proven customers and established partners
  • Simple, viable revenue models
  • Seasoned investors and mentors
  • Products that are simple, innovative, user-friendly, easy to scale, proven to remedy practical problems, and quality-oriented
  • Valuation <10M
  • Not our focus: DoD-funded projects, Bitcoin, pharmaceuticals, dating apps

Investment Highlights

CrowdComfort-weblogo (1).jpg

CrowdComfort is a mobile facilities management software solution that creates better-managed spaces by providing a simple communication platform which facility operators and occupants enjoy using. Real estate and facilities managers are empowered with new levels of insights about the spaces they manage. CrowdComfort’s process improves operational efficiency, lowers costs and improves service levels and other benefits–all of which have been validated by some of the world’s largest enterprises and real estate owners. Now you can have access to reports that identify the who, what, and where of any facility management issue – all from the convenience of your smartphone.

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FUSAR (FYOO-zer) creates products that define the connected action sports experience. Fusar Hardwear™ promotes safety and enjoyment by keeping users connected to the digital world. Capture original content and track your adventures for sharing with the community, or simply enjoy the peace of mind afforded by an instant lifeline to friends, family, and EMS.

We're enthusiasts engineering a better way to bring technology to the action sports we love. We ride, design, build, and code everything.

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