Startup & Project Advisory

Leveraging our entrepreneurial experience and knowledge, we provide advisory services to startups and projects in regards to due diligence, negotiations, financing/fund-raising, execution, project management, platform strategy and operations, lean agile implementation, change management, design thinking, and strategic marketing.  

Jarvis & Associates

It all started when...

I was 14 when Dr. Philip Jarvis interviewed me at the Marriott Hotel for Berkshire School. I had no idea what it meant to go to boarding school nor did I know at that time how much Dr. Jarvis would alter the course of my life. And change my life he did. He always believed in me, giving me the much needed encouragement and guidance. Fast forward many years later, I wouldn't have become the leader that I am today nor would I have gone to Cornell without Dr. Jarvis' kindness, help, and mentoring. 

Dr. Jarvis has now started his own admissions consulting firm, Jarvis and Associates, to help young aspiring Asian students to achieve their American prep school dream. And I'm just interested in giving back and helping him help others open doors. 

If your dream is to get into the right prep school in the United States or Canada, click below to learn more about Jarvis and Associates.

Judith Winters College Counselling (JWCC)

Judith Winters is the Head Counselor and founder of JWCC. She has been working with students from Greater China for more than 20 years. With a reputation for excellence spanning North America, Asia, and Europe, Judith has worked as a college counselor in public, private, and parochial schools, and as a counselor for international students in the University of Pennsylvania UniConn Program. 

I first worked with Mrs. Winters on my college application, and with her help, I got into Cornell, my top choice. I respect her professionalism, experience, and dedication to helping aspiring students get into the best school for them. We have stayed friends ever since, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to kids and parents going through the college application process.

Note: We are not associated with JWCC. We do not take a commission nor do we receive any monetary rewards for our referrals.